Summer Reading Camp Testimony


  "I can't," G.Y. repeatedly said as she attempted to do her work. "Yes you can. Through Christ you can do all things," Ms. June, the reading camp teacher would respond with love and encouragement. G.Y. was having difficulty in school and Ms. June had even noted signs of a learning disability. By the end of the camp, Ms. June had seen a complete turnaround in G.Y, and she was even able to read in front of the class during the graduation ceremony. Ashley, G.Y.'s mother, had talked with the Joy Ministries' staff through the Bread of Life program. At the time, she was not ready to ask Jesus into her heart. After hearing her daughter read, she was in such amazement at the progress that she raised her hand to ask Jesus into her heart.








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  G.Y. is just one of the many children that have experienced a turnaround through the Joy Ministries Summer Reading Camp.



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