According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 13.7 million single parents living in America.

Every year we honor single mothers and widows who would normally go without the recognition that they deserve on their special day. The women are given a delicious meal with their children, a Mother’s Day gift and words of encouragement that last throughout the year. We bring in women from all walks of life. Women are bussed in from low-income housing areas, assisted living facilities, homeless shelters, and battered wives homes. We also have many single moms living in our local communities that attend every year. Normally Dad is the one who does something for Mom on her special day. When there is no dad in the home, mom usually goes without. We decided to change that for single moms and widows in our area. Thousands of single moms and fatherless children have been blessed since this outreach began in 2001


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