According to the U.S.D.A., One out of every six Americans are fighting hunger and even more Americans are living without the hope of the Gospel.

Joy Ministries is meeting needs and changing lives through the Bread of Life and God Squad Outreach. In 2010 alone, Joy Ministries distributed over $41,000 worth of food and many individuals came to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Every week, a Joy Ministries' team goes into local neighborhoods to distribute food and share the Gospel through the Bread of Life Outreach. With every bag of bread, we share about the bread of life (Jesus) ,and God radically changes lives. Joy Ministries also sends evangelism teams, "God Squad," into local neighborhoods every month to share the Gospel with those in need.


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    Many of the children in our adopted neighborhoods like to help with the Bread of Life outreach. This gives us opportunity to teach the children about helping those in need and about evangelism.  

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